Joyful Life is a private consulting practice in Morristown, Tn. Founded by Sonya G. Moore MS, LADAC II and Marguerite Elkins MS,LMFT, SAP in May, 2017.  Sonya is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor. Prior to opening her private practice. Sonya spent nearly 30 years providing a variety of medical and mental health services in settings varying from residential to private practice. Participating in the treatment of thousands of clients. Currently pursuing a PHD of psychology with a specialty in addiction counseling to better serve her goal of bettering lives through greater care.  





PRESCRIPTIVE Counseling And Education

  • Alcohol & Drug counseling and education:       
  • Recovery partnership
  • Sober life coping mechanisms
  • Life after recovery counseling  

ASSESSMENT, Treatment, and Referral 

  • Alcohol & drug assessment: For court, employment, referral for inpatient or detox services and or individual/group therapy.
  • Treatment plans designed by therapist and client and with best efforts to accommodate schedules around employment, with full consideration to client privacy.
  • Can refer to detox treatment for medication assisted therapy, and drug detox as well as alcohol detox. 

Family & Parenting Education and Therapy

  • Often times families do not know the struggles of those with substance use disorders. 
  • Family therapy helps to heal and educate because abuse effects the entire family. 
  • Parenting classes: for parents struggling to raise teenagers who may have gotten off track with behaviors and alcohol & drugs.
  • Parenting is also for parents with substance use disorders. To regain control and restore function to a dysfunctional situation.

Perscriptive Counseling?

I will be actively involved with you offering advice, guidance, and recommendations throughout our counseling journey. Much of this will be in the form of the treatment plan designed to give us a guiding framework. Educating you about the challenges you face, helping you to better understand everything you face makes your path easier.

We are partners in your recovery, though we share a private, clinical relationship we are equal in this. We begin by addressing your need, by learning to avoid the daily abuse, by learning about the challenges of abuse, establishing a support network, and addressing feelings and coping in the real world. This is the immediate step, where sessions can be multiple times a week.    

The sober life will be a much better place but it is not without obstacles and challenges. Preparing for, and coping with these challenges will guard against relapse or help you start again after relapse. Employment, family, relationships, and finances are potential challenges. You will be taught and guided through coping skills to prepare for life after treatment. This is the more long term stage where stages can be bimonthly or as needed.


My Personal       Philosophy 

"I believe that we are partners in this quest for a joyful life. I can give you a path to follow and help you along the path, but I will hold you to it. Finding a way back to a more stable and fulfilling life is very possible. I will give you all the tools and guidance you need to reduce your dependence on drugs/alcohol both in the immediate and long term. Below you will find my personal business cell. I encourage you to reach out and contact me so that we can begin our journey. If I dont answer right away, I am most likely with another client but I will follow up with you as soon as I can."


Online Counseling...

Flexible online video sessions through Zoom technology. 

Contact us, so we can schedule a time that works best 

After contact we will work out payment

Follow this link to download the Zoom app.

Use the follwoing meeting number when it is time for your session.